Rossendale Virtual 5k Challenge

The world has completely shifted due to the impact of COVID-19 affecting everyone across the country and exercise has been reimagined for all of us. No sports clubs and no gyms, but plenty of Zoom calls, YouTube sessions and national encouragement to get out and exercise daily. Virtual exercise is a new norm.
It’s coming up to Spring and people are dusting off their running shoes from their winter hibernation, but getting out with friends and other runners is a bit trickier in the era of social distancing. That’s why we’ve set up the Rossendale Virtual 5K Challenge. 
Here in Rossendale, we are still blessed with some of the most majestic countryside in the whole of the UK. In fact, we think it is the best countryside! So why not get out and run 5k and then virtually record your results here so you can still feel like you’re running with others?!

Rossendale 5k Ideas

Rawtenstall To Bacup 5k
Out Of Rawtenstall 5k
Out of Stubbins 5k