Mums Matter – March Event

Saturday 6th March at 9:30am on Zoom


Click this link on Saturday Morning to join


So what will the event be like? Well, hopefully it will capture some of the pre pandemic magic we had!

Initially a chance to go into breakout rooms with parents going through similar as yourself eg just had a baby in the pandemic, teenage children in a pandemic, pre schools etc etc.

Then the workshops will start- various workshops you’ll have a choice of two.

The workshops vary from boosting your mental health, DIY facial, writing for wellness, yoga etc.

Then we’ll end with some mood boosting! All for FREE

Here’s what the event will be:

Click this link on Saturday morning to join

The event will start at 9:30am and your event host will be Dr Emma.

From here you will have the opportunity to chat in private to like minded mums about various topics:

  • Just had a baby
  • Pre school children
  • Teenage children in a pandemic
  • and other topics
After your break out room chats there will be two mini workshops you can join in, check out the sessions and hosts below.
After the workshop we’ll all come back together in the main zoom room to finish of with some mood boosting movement!
Your Workshop Hosts

I am Candi and have worked in a Wellbeing and Creative Writing capacity for a long time as an English tutor and Wellbeing Practitioner. I help people to reconnect with their own needs and find time out through writing. I will be sharing some easy journalling ideas and activities that can help at the end of a stressful day and we will look at some empowering poetry to help us achieve self-compassion as parents through the pandemic. There will also be the opportunity to write a short group poem together. No writing experience needed as this isn’t about writing ‘well’. Anyone can write for their own wellbeing. You will just need something to write with and something to write on or if you feel more comfortable typing then some way to do this. Hope to see you there!

It’s not a mums matter event without our lovely Anne!

Who will be running the from chaos to clam back to school tips- more details to follow

Anne Cartwright from In Mind Therapies will be running a workshop on how to reconnect, relax and recover.

She runs the Positive Minds School Wellbeing Programme.

Kay Is running a fantastic workshop about managing negative emotions and understanding our state! Sounds amazing!!

Introducing Caroline who will be helping us pamper ourselves on Saturday

Hi everyone my name is Caroline. I’m a mum of 2. I work part-time as a family support worker and I’m also a Tropic Skincare Ambassador

I know how easy it is to neglect ourselves when we’re so busy running around looking after our family, but giving yourself self care time doesn’t have to take too long which is why my workshop is about self care using facial massage .

We have over 40 muscles in our face so whilst giving it a massage we also become “Face fit”
I will show you several moves and inform you of
All you need is a fresh face and either some facial oil or some everyday cooking oil -Rapeseed oil is good

We’ll finish our great event with mood boosting movement led by Cheryl from FUNtasticYoga

All you need is yourself!