Rossendale Connected

We live in the most amazing place, absolutely love living here!

- Dale Connearn

What does Rossendale Connected stand for?

There are a number of key principles that were highlighted from The Big Connect that could underpin Rossendale Connected.

Connected – A recognition that we can accomplish more together than separately. The development of meaningful collboration, partnerships and shared resources are critical.

Leaderful – Leaderful approaches and behaviour focus on collaboration not control, authenticity, kindness, honesty, empowering hyper local leaders, connection not competition.

People Centered: An unrelenting focus on people in our place. Measuring all we do on whether the outcome is improved lives, versus aspiration for credit or financial gain. Listening and engaging with everyone as valued partners.

Appreciative: In all that we do, understanding and appreciating that genuine appreciation, gratitude and thanks can be the currency underpinning connection and collaboration.

Take a look at the Together An Active Future project that is Pennine wide.

Together an Active Future (TaAF) is an opportunity to make a difference for the people of Pennine Lancashire.  TaAF want more people to be more active, improve mental wellbeing and help people live happier, healthier lives.  Jamie will explain more in the short video below.

Rossendale Projects

Community Meeting

For the past 12 months the community has been coming together on a regular basis every Thursday morning at 9:00am for the 'Community Call' via Zoom. There is a regular Covid update from the council, updates from GP's and pharmcies and organisations, groups and residents have been able to get support from each other when needed.

If you want to be involved in the 'call' please let us know and we can send you the details.